OUS Contract Negotiations: Key Dates

January 27 – SEIU Bargaining Conference. 200-300 representatives from OUS schools, Department of Administrative Services (DAS) agencies, and care providers meet to review state finances and legislative issues. Final review, adjustment, and adoption of our tentative OUS bargaining proposals. (Eugene)

February 1 – Bargaining Officially Begins. OUS and SEIU exchange lists of the contract articles they will propose changing (open articles). Articles that aren’t opened will remain as they are right now in the new contract. (Salem)

February 20-21 – First Bargaining Session. Full bargaining teams meet and exchange first sets of contract proposals. More initial proposals will be made at subsequent bargaining sessions. Schedule future bargaining sessions. (Western Oregon University, Monmouth)

February 21 – SEIU Higher Education Lobby Day. Members from the seven OUS schools will travel to Salem to talk with legislators about PERS, institutional boards, staffing ratios, contracting out and other issues affecting our contract and working conditions. To sign up contact the Eugene SEIU Office at 541-342-1055 or go to http://www.seiu503.org/2012/12/sign-up-for-2013-lobby-days/ (Salem)

March – UO Work Area Meetings. We will hold meetings around campus to review both the SEIU and OUS contract proposals. (UO)

April 12 – Last Day for New Bargaining Proposals. After this day, the bargaining process is closed to new issues. OUS and SEIU will only be able to make proposals on issues that have already been opened.

May – State’s Final Revenue Forecast. This will determine how much revenue the state expects to receive during the 2013-2015 biennium and will be the basis for final decisions on the state budget. Once OUS and state agency budgets are settled, the Legislature will adjourn

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