Help Us Push OUS Harder

Hello All,

Your SEIU bargaining team will be back at the bargaining table this Thursday and Friday at OSU in Corvallis. After that, we have two more sessions scheduled – 7/22 & 23 at WOU and 7/29 &30 at OIT in Klamath Falls. We expect a state mediator will join the negotiations on 7/22 to try to help our team and the OUS team find an acceptable settlement.

Unfortunately, after five months of negotiations, OUS continues to insist on contract terms that our SEIU team knows are unacceptable to you. They still want to double our health insurance premiums and eliminate the premium subsidies for low-wage and part-time workers. They’re still proposing essentially a 1% wage increase over two years. They’re still pushing an unfair, temporary bonus plan, instead of our regular, contractual step increases.

And that’s just the main economic issues! OUS has also not moved on any of its major takeaway proposals. They still want to eliminate nearly all current restrictions on their ability to contract out our work. They still want to get rid of all bumping rights for senior employees in layoff situations. They’re still proposing an end to daily overtime for everyone and a reduction in overtime compensation for IT workers and other FLSA-exempt employees.

The state mediator is not a magician. She can’t wave her hand and make these awful OUS proposals disappear. Your SEIU bargaining team has repeatedly rejected these proposals in the strongest possible terms, but we can’t make them disappear either – at least not by ourselves. We all need to push OUS harder. Here’s how:

  • Come to your local union meeting. Wednesday, July 10, 12-1 pm in the EMU (Ben Linder Room). Food and bargaining information provided.
  • Send a note to President Gottfredson. Let him know you want a fair settlement. He’s been telling those who have already written him that he has almost no ability to influence the proposals OUS makes. That’s clearly not the case. He can and should do more. You can use this model letter or substitute your own comments.
  • Wear a “No Contract: No Peace” Sticker on July 11, an “In It Together” button any time, or something purple on Wednesdays. Or do all three!
  • Begin preparing for a possible strike. If we can’t get OUS to significantly change its proposals by the end of July, that’s likely where we’re headed.

Kurt Willcox

SEIU Local 085