Union Strike Funds

Each month, 50 cents per dues-paying member and fair-share fee payer is placed in a Strike and Job Protection Fund with 30 cents of that allotted solely to pay benefits in the event of a strike by SEIU-represented workers in Oregon.

At its May 2013 meeting, our union’s Board of Directors allocated $1.5 million into the Strike Benefit Account and $500,000 into the statewide Hardship Account.

If there is a strike, the Strike Benefit Account will be used to pay a weekly stipend to striking members. The amount will be based on eligibility criteria established by our statewide Hardship Committee. In accordance with our union’s Administrative Policies and Procedures, strike stipends commence after the seventh day of a strike.

The Hardship Account will be used to provide individual assistance to members who are facing particular hardship as a result of loss of income from participating in a strike. For example, in the past members who were on the verge of being evicted, losing their homes, or having essential utilities discontinued received assistance.

In addition to the statewide Hardship Account, our UO Local 085 has its own Strike and Hardship Fund that will assist particularly needy UO members during any strike. Our Hardship Committee members have held several fund-raisers this year to increase the size of the fund, including bake sales and special events at Track Town Pizza and Papa’s Pizza.

SEIU Local 085