Members Encouraged to Contact President, Chancellor, and OUS Board


Please write letters to President Gottfredson, Chancellor Rose, and OUS Board members.  The more we contact them, the more they will know  we are engaged in this contract campaign, we support our team, we’re willing to speak up and advocate for ourselves, and we’re ready to walk off the job if necessary!   If they won’t give us a contract, don’t let them have any peace!  Emails, phone calls, paper letters are all good. You can compose your own message or use a sample letter (see below).  And don’t stop at just one message–it would be great if we all sent at least a message each week until the contract is settled.  Let’s continue to fill up their email/voicemail boxes so they can’t ignore us!

For those of us who might be a bit shy or perfectionist, please don’t worry about having the perfectly crafted message, or any negative repercussions.   They are getting lots of these messages, and they may or may not even read them.  You might get a reply, but they’re not going to retaliate against you for expressing an opinion.

You can find some examples of letters that other members have written elsewhere here.  Feel free to draw from those and customize as you wish.

We can also contact the Chancellor and OUS Presidents via this link, which includes the text below:

Each of us plays a role in making the Oregon University System an institution of excellence. As a classified worker, I am proud of the work that I do every day to support that mission. As leaders of our OUS community, students and workers look to you to set a tone of collegiality and respect.

That’s why I’m writing you to demand that the OUS bargaining team stop its campaign of disrespect against classified workers.

OUS bargaining proposals that diminish our voice in the workplace, undermine our union, and target us for further economic sacrifice are unacceptable on their own merits. That they come at a time when administrator-to-student ratios are at an all-time high and millions may be wasted on redundant institutional boards makes these proposals offensive to their core.

I respectfully ask that you take a stand against an agenda that balances administrative bloat on the backs of OUS’s lowest-paid workers. Please contact the OUS bargaining team and tell them to stop attacking workers and get serious about negotiating a contract.



President Michael R Gottfredson
(541) 346-3036
110 Johnson Hall
1226 University Of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403-1226

Interim Chancellor Melody Rose
(503) 725-5707
PO Box 751
Portland OR 97207-0751

Vice President for Finance and Administration Jamie Moffitt
(541) 346-3003
103 Johnson Hall
1283 University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403-1283

Contact information for State Board of Higher Education may be found here:

SEIU Local 085