It’s Time to Help OUS “Get It”

Hello All,

As we get ready for our second round of mediation this week, it’s clear that OUS doesn’t “get it” yet. They still don’t understand that:

  1. We’re not going to give up our current protections in layoff situations, against contracting out our work, and in our ability to earn overtime.
  2. We want an economic settlement that treats us no worse than the state is treating the DAS employees. (5% health insurance premium share, 1.5% & 2.0% COLAs, full steps, and no furlough days.)

OUS offered improvements last week, but they also continued to insist on eliminating our layoff bumping rights, reducing our contracting out protections, providing no step increases for two years, and cheaping out on wages. They even went so far as to claim that OUS can’t afford to match the DAS settlement! Unbelievable! (See attached chart for a review of the main economic issues.)

So, join your bargaining team and co-workers and help OUS finally “get it”. The first two activities listed below are the most important. If we want a fair settlement, it’s up to us to show OUS we’re willing to fight for it.

Sign the Strike Pledge Petition & Help Distribute It: It will be out this week. This is the most direct way for you to show OUS how determined you are to get a decent contract. An actual strike vote will come later.

Come to the Local Union BBQ by the Millrace on August 14: Have some food. Hang out with co-workers. Show your union spirit to the UO administration. Details coming soon.

Support the Quilt Raffle: We’ve been given a beautiful UO quilt to raffle off that was made by a member at SOU. Proceeds will benefit our Strike & Hardship Fund. The raffle is coming soon. Watch for it.

Call & Write to Pres. Gottfredson, VPFA Jamie Moffitt, & Chancellor Rose: They need to hear directly from us. Send a “cc” to our Local Union website, too. We’re posting member messages on the Local 085 website.

President Michael R Gottfredson
(541) 346-3036
110 Johnson Hall
1226 University Of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403-1226

Interim Chancellor Melody Rose
(503) 725-5707
PO Box 751
Portland OR 97207-0751

Vice President for Finance and Administration Jamie Moffitt
(541) 346-3003
103 Johnson Hall
1283 University of Oregon
Eugene OR 97403-1283

SEIU 503 Local 085 Website

Take a Unity Break with Your Co-Workers: Why take your break alone? Enjoy the nice weather. Talk about bargaining. Call the Chancellor’s Office. Be seen as a group. We need each other’s support.

Meet with Your Dean, Department Head, Director, etc.: They need to hear directly from us that we’re determined to secure a decent contract this time. Our SEIU organizers can help you set this up.

It’s already too late for OUS to show that they respect us and truly value our work. But it’s not too late for us to win a good contract from them. We can do that if we stand up and stick together.

Kurt Willcox

To see a comparison between Main OUS and SEIU Proposals vs the DAS Settlement, click on the image below.


SEIU Local 085