Strike Pledge Forms Launched!

It’s time. It is time to show OUS they have a long ways to move before they’re even within range of a fair settlement. We’re launching strike pledge forms today to put emphasis on that point! Click the image below to open a printable copy.

OUS strike Pledge 2013

Given what OUS has offered so far (two year step freeze, shifting more healthcare costs, gutting basic worker protections, etc) are you and your coworkers willing to pledge to strike, if necessary?

This is a serious undertaking and there will be questions. The FAQ will be able answer some of those questions.

We’re asking everyone to take a lead role in the work of getting the pledge into work sites and actively collect signatures. Of course, we’ll be working to get all CATs and activists engaged, too. Let the strike pledge conversations roll!

A strike vote is currently scheduled for Sept. 10 and 11. Watch this site and your email for more updates.

SEIU Local 085