OUS Bargaining Update – August 2nd, 2013

Thanks to the hundreds of members around the state who are taking a stand for a fair contract, there were a few steps forward at the most recent bargaining sessions:

  • Management proposed to back off two of their three attacks against employees’ job security and existing rights—layoff protections and overtime rights
  • They agreed to a contract extension until August 31, so we are still covered by our contract

Unfortunately, they are far from where they need to be:

  •  Management is still trying to take away important job security protections. They want to make it easier to contract out members’ work while also saying they want to economize on any services they do not view as critical to the core teaching and learning mission of the universities—that is to say, critical services that classified employees provide.
  • Management is still saying they are only willing to back off of their other attacks against layoff protections and overtime rights if we agree to make it easier for them to contract out our members’ jobs.
  • The OUS economic proposals are still on the table as last reported in our July 25th update. The main change in that session had been that management withdrew their proposed doubling of the premium share, but they still want employees to be responsible for premium increases over 5%. These proposals will not lead to a settlement by a long shot.

We have to prepare to stand up together if we want a contract that’s better than the one management is apparently willing to offer us.

We are now circulating strike pledge petitions on all campuses. Please be sure to sign the petition, and show management that we’re all in this together. Contact your local union president, bargaining representative, or organizer if you want to help circulate a petition in your worksite.

Next bargaining session: August 14th and 15th at PSU. We are currently only working through the mediator instead of face-to-face because management does not want to meet face-to-face when observers are present.

SEIU Local 085