OUS Bargaining Update – August 26th, 2013

In last week’s bargaining session at OIT, our bargaining team made it clear that we expect a contract that matches or exceeds what state workers have received (click here for a comparison chart). After telling us that separating from state workers (often called DAS) would mean “we can do better by you”, the first contract after achieving that separation falls far short:

  • Steps: would damage step system by cutting each step in half
  • Raises: still too little, too late after years of sacrifices
  • IT Comp Plan: cuts the range for potential merit increases in half
  • Health insurance: does not provide equity for domestic partners
  • Temporary workers: excludes workers from too many important and basic contract protections
  • Retirement: refuses to adopt a union proposal that would actually save OUS money

Management still refuses to discuss our proposals for staffing ratios to control administrative bloat, and to focus on reclaiming money from the banks that committed fraud or malfeasance. We remain ready to join with OUS in these common sense solutions, despite being prohibited from including them in our final offer.

“Final” offers submitted; Bargaining to continue

At the end of last week’s bargaining at OIT, the bargaining teams exchanged final offers, triggering a “cooling off period” during which bargaining may continue. A contract extension expires on August 31st . Click here for FAQ on what it means when the contract expires. We return to the table on September 13th and 14th, at OSU.

Our message to management is clear: We need them to do better! After years of sacrificing during the economic downturn, it is now time to return to normal – and that means no half-steps!

What you can do

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