Countdown to a Contract!

Hello All,

Let’s think positively here.

There will be a lot happening in the next few weeks – all geared toward convincing OUS that they will have a sizable strike on their hands at the end of the month.

Why? Because OUS has made it clear they will only put enough money on the table to maintain our current step system, provide a living wage floor, or make other improvements, if they are forced to do so. (See the Local Focus that was emailed on 8/30 for details.)

Do we want to strike? Of course not, but we’re also not going to accept another substandard contract, especially now that the state has reached a fair settlement with the DAS workers.

So, help your bargaining team convince OUS of the serious consequences ahead, if they don’t spend more money on classified workers. Help OUS understand that it will be better for them to settle with us than to continue cheaping out. Here’s how you can help:

Sign a strike pledge petition. Turn it in to your union contact person or call the union office at 541.342.1055 for pick up. (Petition Attached.)

● Buy a raffle ticket for a beautiful UO quilt and contribute to strengthening our Strike Hardship Fund. Tickets will be available during strike authorization voting next week or call Dorothy Attneave at 6-2217.

● Take part in the Tele-Town Hall on Thursday, Sept. 5 from 6:30 – 7:30 pm when the union calls your home. There will be information for you and an opportunity for you to give feedback to your SEIU bargaining team.

● Cast your ballot in the Strike Authorization Vote on Tuesday, Sept. 10 and Wednesday, Sept. 11. Vote to give your SEIU bargaining team the authority to call a strike, if OUS fails to offer us a fair contract settlement.

● Attend our Local Union Meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 11 at Noon in the EMU, Ben Linder Room. Get bargaining information. Ask questions. Tell me how you see things. You’ll be able to vote on whether to authorize a strike. And we’ll hold the raffle drawing to see who won the quilt.

On Sept. 13 & 14 your SEIU bargaining team will be back in negotiations with OUS at Oregon State. You can help make it a productive session by actively helping in the next two weeks to push OUS in the direction of a fair contract settlement. If we stick together and push hard enough now, we can reach a good settlement and avert that strike!

Thanks for your active support,

Kurt Willcox

UO Chief Bargaining Delegate

SEIU Local 085