Attend a strike authorization vote meeting on your campus this week!

In case you missed the recent email update from the OUS bargaining team (be sure to sign up for email updates at the top of this page!), check it out below!

We’ve always known that these negotiations would be tough. We’ve known that management would try to intimidate and divide us. And through it all, we’ve stood up for what’s right because we know that we’re “In It Together.” (To get the real story on a possible strike at OUS, click here to read our FAQ).

When we started negotiations in February, we knew we had a long road ahead. At that time, management was proposing a package that would have set us all back–set us back economically, and set us back in terms of our workplace rights.

We’ve come a long way from those first bargaining sessions. Many of the most onerous proposals are now off the table. Unfortunately, OUS is still proposing wages that would keep all workers below what state agency workers will receive, and would keep the lowest paid OUS workers in poverty.

And let me be clear: the only reason that we have made the progress we have is because members like you have taken a stand for a fair contract and a better OUS time and time and time again.

We still have a way to go until we get an agreement that is fair–fair to us, and fair to students we serve. That’s why we’re asking you to extend to your bargaining team the authority to call a strike if necessary.

Please attend a strike authorization vote meeting on your campus this week. Now’s the time for us to stand together, stronger than ever, and show that we’ll do what it takes for our voice to be heard.

In it together,

Marc Nisenfeld
Chair, SEIU 503 OUS bargaining team

SEIU Local 085