Monthly Local Meeting – November 13th, 2013


A solid 80-85 members enjoyed a really delicious lunch, got a solid refresh on the step implementation and roll back impacts, celebrated the allies who stood with us as the potential for a strike got serious, recognized a whole lot of members who stepped up in numerous ways during bargaining, and heard a truly inspired new song from our Labor Choir!But there’s more!

The inspired conversation about political realities moved eight members to sign up for CAPE: Thank you Steven Seeley, Marv King, Sara Clark, Tucker Clawson, Beatriz Arrayga de Lomeli, Rebecca Lynn, Colleen Lewis, and Diertra Lomeli. Their combined contributions will add $75.00 per month to the CAPE program!

And the winners of the $10.00 Papa’s Pizza gift card door prizes were universally delighted: Robert Torres, Pat Ferris, Linda Miller (admissions), Harriett Smith, Linda Sappington, Craig Sorensen, David Landazuri, Melanie Jackson, Dorothy Attneave, and Rica Carlos. Two recipients had left before the drawing, Josephine will deliver Linda’s gift card and Norma will deliver Robert’s.

Plus, Josephine Co Tapp, initiated passing of the hat for Typhoon Haiyan disaster relief.

We still have some work ahead of us to secure the step funding, welcome the new temps, deepen our relationships with allies, and learn from the campaign debrief survey.

SEIU Local 085