Notice of Nominations & Elections 2014

Nominations open January 8, 2014 for all SEIU Local 503, OPEU UO Local 085 officers, delegates and stewards including President, Vice-President, Chief Contact, Chief Steward, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Organizer, Chief General Council Delegate, Newsletter Editor, Chief Bargaining Delegate, twenty (20) at large Stewards, four (4) at large Bargaining delegates, ten (10) members of the Strike Hardship Fund and Members’ Needs Committee, and ten (10) at large General Council Delegates.

Use the nomination form to nominate candidate(s). Self nominations are acceptable. If possible, ensure the nominee(s) has read the job description for the position(s) and accepts the nomination with their signature on the nomination form. Nominations may be emailed, routed, or mailed to any member of the Local 085 Election Committee or faxed to the SEIU Eugene Office (FAX 541-342-2932). Nominations close upon adjournment (1:00 pm) of the February 12, 2014 Local meeting.

Give nominations to any member of the Election Committee:

Nominations may be mailed/faxed to:

SEIU Eugene Field Office
488 E. 11th Ave, Ste 100-B
Eugene, OR 97401

Or FAX: 541-342-2932 Attention: UO Election Committee

Optional candidate statement and/or photo: Each candidate has the option of providing a written candidate statement and photo. Statements limited to 200 words. All statements and photos must be received by February 14, 2014 at

Candidate Fair: Candidates are encouraged to attend and speak at the Candidate Fair held during the Local meeting on Wednesday, March 12, at Noon on campus.

Election: Ballots will be mailed to home addresses by March 3. Only members may vote. Fair share payers may vote if they complete and return the membership application included with the ballot. Replacement ballots will be available at the SEIU Eugene Field Office, 541-342-1055. The deadline for receipt of ballots at SEIU Headquarters in Salem is 5:00 pm, March 31, 2014. The term of office for all positions is two years and begins upon installation at the April 2014 Local meeting.


The University of Oregon Local 085 represents classified staff as set forth and in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Union. The primary responsibilities of Local 085 are to bargain for collective bargaining agreements, to enforce and to administer the contract, and to foster communication within the local to support bargaining and for common worker interests. The following officer descriptions are summarized from the Local 085 Constitution and Bylaws.

PRESIDENT (1 position)

  • Set agendas and lead general membership and Executive Committee meetings
  • Attend and serve as a voting member of the Executive and Bargaining Committees
  • Maintain a meeting and activity calendar and executive officer roster
  • Appoint members to committees with approval of Executive Committee
  • Ensure all timelines outlined in the Bylaws and strategic plan are met

VICE-PRESIDENT (1 position)

  • In the absence of, or upon request of President, perform the duties of the President
  • If needed, complete the unexpired term of the President
  • Attend and serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee
  • Attend all Contract Action Team meetings
  • Responsible for logistics of campus actions planned by the Chief Contact
  • Responsible for oversight of union bulletin boards on campus

CHIEF CONTACT (1 position)

  • Responsible for organization of campus-wide Contact Action Team (CAT)
  • Attend and serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee
  • Set agendas and lead regular CAT meetings and maintain CAT database
  • Assist Vice President with campus actions

CHIEF STEWARD (1 position)

  • Be responsible for the local enforcement of the collective bargaining agreement
  • Schedule and chair all Stewards Council and Grievance Committee meetings
  • Serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee
  • Communicate key issues to the Executive Committee and Chief Bargaining Delegate

SECRETARY (1 position)

  • Record and distribute minutes for all meetings of the Local and Executive Committee
  • Responsible for all correspondence and for scheduling meeting sites and catering as needed
  • Attend and serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee

TREASURER (1 position)

  • Maintain the financial records and budgets of Local 085
  • Responsible for disbursement of funds, including the Local Strike Hardship Fund
  • Submit quarterly financial reports to the Executive Committee and membership
  • Attend and serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee


  • Responsible for recruitment and retention of members, including fair share payer outreach
  • Receive agency new employee lists, agency bargaining unit lists, and Local 085 membership lists and uses these lists to recruit new members
  • Responsible for the presentation at New Employee Orientation
  • Schedule and chair meetings of the Membership Organizing Committee
  • Attend and serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee


  • Twenty (20) weeks prior to General Council, convene meeting of all UO delegates
  • Train, discuss and organize delegates to General Council when it convenes
  • After General Council, organize a report back to membership at the October Local meeting
  • Serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee


  • Collect and solicit articles and information, and edit and design newsletter
  • Insure that the newsletter reaches the membership in a timely manner
  • Attend and serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee


  • Represent Local 085 on the Higher Education Bargaining Team
  • Convene and chair meetings of the Bargaining committee as needed during active bargaining
  • Report bargaining updates at Executive, CAT, and brown bag meetings as required
  • Attend statewide bargaining conferences
  • Serve as a voting member of the Executive Committee

AT LARGE STEWARDS (19 positions)

  • Represent employees in the grievance procedure
  • Enforce the collective bargaining agreement
  • Attend SEIU grievance or LERC steward training within six (6) months of accepting position
  • Attend monthly Stewards Council meetings

AT LARGE GENERAL COUNCIL DELEGATES (10 at large delegates and alternates)
Elected delegates have the responsibility of attending the statewide SEIU 503, OPEU General Council (GC) in August 2014. The time commitment is generally 3-4 days, delegates must be willing to use vacation or comp time to attend. Lodging, meals, mileage provided. The Chief General Council Delegate is an automatic delegate.

AT-LARGE BARGAINING DELEGATES (4 at large delegates)
Attend bargaining conferences and committee meetings, assist in distribution and collection of bargaining surveys, and work to support the bargaining process. The directly elected Chief Bargaining delegate and Local President are automatic bargaining delegates.

The purpose of this committee is to fundraise for the Local 085 Strike Fund, provide financial assistance to members during strike activity, and coordinate with community organizations for unmet member’s needs. The Chair(s) is selected by the members of the Strike Hardship Committee. The Chair(s) will work with the Treasurer to track funds and attend Executive Committee meetings, as needed.

SEIU Local 085