Monthly Local Meeting – February 12th, 2014

First to speak was Norma Martinez-HoSang who spoke about the step increases and lobbing the state legislation. Many state representatives have been meeting with SEIU locally instead of in Salem. The trip to the state capital has been canceled for now but may be rescheduled later. Norma expressed that the signature campaign was a success. She also provided information about SEIU and other local organization that are trying to get paid sick days by lobbing the Eugene City Council.

Richard Daniels was second to speak and he covered local election news. Nominations ended Wednesday, February 12th. He announced who had been nominated and took nominations from the floor.

Kurt Wilcox and Johnny Earl spoke about the Special General Council that was held to vote on unification with SEIU 49. Kurt spoke about why he voted no while Johnny spoke about why he voted yes. The board had recommend unification but general council voted no. Approximately 60% of the General Council voted “No.” For more information visit here.

SEIU Local 085