Classified Workers Win Timely Step Increases

You will recall that last September, after a strong contract campaign that came within days of a system-wide strike, OUS agreed to many of our bargaining team’s economic demands, including COLAs increases, status quo on healthcare premiums, and full steps for each year of the contract.
Because some of the smaller campuses continue to struggle financially, our steps were scheduled to take effect at the end of each contract year unless we could win additional funding during this legislative session. Specifically, OUS agreed that if the state legislature approved $1.15 million in supplemental funding, classified staff on all campuses would receive their full step increase retroactive to their regular schedule (on our SED dates). Today we’re excited to announce that the legislature approved this funding and our victory has been secured! We’re thrilled that this real economic benefit will help all members eligible for steps.

To see how this may affect you, click here. More details about the implementation plan and timelines will be shared soon.
This victory is the result of our historic contract campaign in which thousands of members, students, faculty, and other allies stood in solidarity. It also comes as a result of many SEIU members from across the state meeting with key senators and representatives over the past several months to gain their support.
We are already making plans for 2015 and YOU can help. Just like we’ve been saying all along—we can win because we’re IN IT TOGETHER! We need to continue our work to elect strong legislators who support us, our campuses, and our work for students.
Join CAPE today and help lay the groundwork for us to win in 2015!
Thanks to all of the members who have participated and supported our bargaining team. It was an honor to work alongside you for the respect we all deserve!

In Unity,

Your OUS SEIU Local 503 Bargaining Team

Marc Nisenfeld, PSU (Chair)
Helen Moore, EOU
Bob Klem, OIT
Donna Stevenson, OSU
Rob Fullmer, PSU
Bob Sexton, SOU
Kurt Willcox, UO
Angie Barry, WOU

SEIU Local 085