Election is Underway!

The Local 085 election is underway and the deadline is fast approaching! Ballots were mailed to UO classified workers’ home addresses on March 3rd and must be received at SEIU Headquarters in Salem before 5:00 pm, March 31, 2014. Your vote means so much; please mark and return your ballot without delay.

Only SEIU members may vote. If our records indicated that someone was a fair share payer (ie, paying the equivalent or fair share of dues but not a voting member), a membership application was included with the ballot. Simply complete, sign and date the application and return it with your ballot to ensure your vote is counted.If you haven’t received a ballot and want to vote, replacement ballots are available by calling the SEIU Eugene Field Office, 541-342-1055, or emailing Denise Garrett.

All candidates were given the opportunity to provide brief written statements to publicize their candidacy, which can be found here. The complete roster of candidates includes:

Executive Committee Officers:
President:  Gary Malone, Carla McNelly
Vice President:  Theodora Ko Thompson, Johnny Earl
Chief Contact:  Lois Yoshishige
Secretary:  Chuck Theobald
Treasurer:  Melanie Jackson
Chief Bargaining Delegate:  Johnny Earl
Membership Organizer:  Lisa Sieracki
Newsletter Editor:  Jen Jones
Chief Steward:  John Ahlen
Chief General Council Delegate:  Kurt Willcox

General Council Delegate (elect 10, alternates ranked by number of votes received):  Rebecca Lynn, Brittany Brown, Brian Rowe, Gary Malone, Melanie Jackson, John Taylor, Chuck Theobald, Jay Van Orman, Lois Yoshishige, John Abernethy, Jen Jones, Liz Hahn

Steward (elect 19): Michael Barr, Sue Martinez, John Ahlen, Sara Clark, Gary Malone, John Anthony, Michael Omogrosso, Johnny Earl, Carla McNelly, John Jackson, Chuck Theobald, John Taylor, Kirk Wilcox, Lois Yoshishige, Lauradel Collins, Michael Drake, Liz Hahn, Theodora Ko Thompson

Strike Hardship Fund and Member Needs Committee (elect 10): Holly Stutz, Chuck Theobald, John Taylor, Linda Sappington, Dorothy Attneave, Brittany Brown, Michelle Saxton, Lydia Harlan, Craig Koharchick

Bargaining Committee (elect 4): Sue Martinez, Chuck Theobald, Lynne Harrell, Brittany Brown, Michael Omogrosso

SEIU Local 085