Monthly Local Meeting – April 16th, 2014

The monthly SEIU Local 085 membership meeting was held Wednesday, April 16, 12:00 pm, in the EMU Ben Linder Room. Johnny Earl opened with comments about positive change, alluding to the construction on the EMU and the forthcoming swearing-in of new officers.

Following Johnn, our Labor Choir kicked things off per tradition! After the song, a jam-packed schedule proceeded:

A representative presented on the forthcoming Take Back The Night event, soliciting SEIU members to join them to support survivors of sexual and domestic violence. See the Take Back The Night post for more information on that. Helpful information about mandatory reporting and its relation to the event was given.

Johnny Earl returned to give us an update on step increases, which should arrive in the paycheck at the end of April. By May 31, everyone should have their retroactive pay.

Kurt Wilcox lead us in a discussion and vote on a proposed resolution to General Council (our union’s statewide governing and legislative body) to change the language about resolution proposals to read “may be submitted up to 90 days before” the legislative session instead of “must be submitted AT LEAST 90 days before.” The current language has caused a scheduling problem where resolutions must be submitted Friday, April 18th, despite the officers having only been sworn in on Wednesday, April 16. The motion was passed near unanimously and the officers now have an additional month to put forth new resolutions.

As a follow up to her earlier presentation on the campaign for paid sick leave to benefit all workers in Eugene, Laurie Trieger of Everybody Benefits came to give us new updates and information for members who didn’t make it to the March meeting. Here are a few highlights and talking points:

  • Only 7 cities and 1 state have paid sick leave for everyone – Portland is among the cities, as are San Francisco and Seattle (the state is Connecticut)
  • The proposal asks Eugene city council to require employers to allow employees to accrue paid sick leave up to 40 hrs/year for the private sector – pretty reasonable, considering OUS employees get 96 hrs/year for full-time!
  • Those most affected by the lack of sick leave are those working in high customer-contact professions, especially food service–which is the MOST important sector for workers to be able to take time off for illness without worrying about losing their job or pay!
  • A form email to demonstrate support will soon be available, and you can sign the petition to support paid sick days for everyone at
  • Currently 50 Eugene businesses support the movement and are listed here.
  • Remember this: when workers are forced to go to work sick due to fear of losing their job or money, other employees are at risk to get sick, productivity suffers and everybody loses.

Finally, nearing the end of the meeting, it was time to install all new officers, stewards, General Council delegates, and members of the Bargaining committee and Strike Hardship committee. There were a lot, and many people were not in attendance–some were even sick, and fortunate enough to be able to be home on paid sick leave, unlike our private sector fellows.

A copy of the resolution, “Submission Timeline for General Council Resolutions” is below, and pictures follow.


SEIU Local 085