Monthly Local Meeting – May 14th, 2014

The Local Meeting was held on Wednesday, May 14th, in Esslinger 105 due to construction at the EMU. Carla McNelly, our new local president, opened the meeting. She introduced Sarah Prazkievcz from the Eugene/Springfield Solidarity Network (ESSN).

Sarah talked about what the mission of ESSN is and how SEIU members can participate. To learn more about ESSN, please read the hand out.



James Jacobson talked about the upcoming local elections and who was being endorsed by SEIU. He also passed out applications for CAPE.

CAPE Application-1


Our new Local 085 Executive Committee was introduced. Each member talked about what the description of their position.

Then John Alhen, the new Chief Steward, gave a presentation on Weingarten Rights with help from Kurt Wilcox, Lynne Harrell, and Dorothy Attneave. Kurt, Lynne, and Dorothy acted out three scenarios and portrayed how union members can use Weingarten Rights.



Finally, the Labor Choir preformed a new song about CAPE to close out the Local Meeting.

UO Classified Workers SEIU SubLocal 085