Riding the OUS Roller Coaster Rollout to New Classification & Compensation Job Families

Recently, SEIU 503 sent an email to our members from the CACC (Class and Compensation Committee) regarding the OUS (Oregon University System) intention to move our classification specifications from ~280 down to ~80 by creating job families. Currently, SEIU 503 has not received a timeline or plan of rolling this out. Through the hard work of Johnny Earl, Kurt Willcox, Denise Garrett, and Norma Martinez-HoSang we are preparing to mobilize our membership when we receive the word of the rollout plan from OUS.

We want to emphasize that the rollout decisions and timeline are coming directly from OUS. Here is the information that your Local 085 leadership currently knows regarding the process to move all of us into new job families:

  • The proposed changes in classification specifications come from a Letter of Agreement (LOA) starting April 19, 2013 in our collective bargaining agreement (p. 109). As part of this LOA, there have been focus groups and town halls within specific classifications led by an outside firm, Fox & Lawson, who is making recommendations to OUS.
  • As of today, the timeline and the plan to rollout the new job families have not been communicated to SEIU Local 503. However, our Local 085 is prepared to have meetings with the new job families when the timeline is announced.
  • Your Local 085 leadership has been assured by Greg Stripp, Associate Vice President Administration, who is currently overseeing the Human Resources unit functions and Diana Sobczynski, Human Resource Analyst, who is on the Classification & Compensation Advisory Committee that the rollout will be carried out over a period of time. We are grateful that the rollout will not happen all at once.
  • We are hearing that the first job family to be rolled out will be for those of us who do finance work. Evidently, Diana Sobczynski and other HR members of the Class & Comp Advisory Committee have received the position descriptions for the family of finance employees and are currently reviewing them.
  • Once we know the rollout plan and timeline, we will have meetings with the different job families to communicate the process to our membership.
  • OUS claims that the main goal of having job families is to provide us with a clearer path to advance within each job family. OUS tells us that the plan will include professional development goals that provide the clear path of advancing with a job family and upward to other job families.
  • Salaries are not part of job family rollout at this time. Salary conversations will be part of the next round of bargaining that begins in early 2015.
  • Managers received an email in February telling them to update all of the Classified Staff position descriptions by June 30th.
  • Members are encouraged to make sure that their position descriptions are accurate. Members may call the Steward Hotline at 541-346-0321 for assistance in obtaining an accurate position description.
  • Your Local 085 leadership will make sure there is a process of challenging being placed in the wrong job family. The process will be similar to the way we currently handle a reclassification in Article 53 of our contract.

Your Local 085 leadership will forward information from our Statewide SEIU Local 503 and from OUS when it becomes available. This is an excellent opportunity for us to become active in our local, insure that everyone is a member, and to network amongst job families.

For more information about becoming a member, please contact Lisa Sieracki, Membership Organizer, at sieracki@softhome.net. For information about becoming a CAT (Contract Action Team) member, please contact Lois Yoshishige, Chief Contact, at loisy085@comcast.net. Check out our Local 085 website http://local085.seiu503.org/ for information and updates on the Classification and Compensation rollout.

In solidarity,

Carla and Johnny

SEIU Local 085