Monthly Local Meeting – June 11th, 2014

Carla called the meeting to order at 12:10 pm

Johnny Earl provided updates on the updates to classifications. We currently have 270 but the proposal seeks to compress the classifications so there are fewer (but compensation would not be affected). It also concerns the movement between classifications, the process of which can be sometimes unclear. This proposal also clarifies guidelines for moving between positions. We will be having brown bag meetings to help us interpret our descriptions. For example, Office Specialists will be rolled into AST, ASS and ASA. (technician, specialist, associate.) It’s important to receive copies of updated job descriptions once these changes go through, as it will affect bargaining in 2015 since OUS will try to change compensations within a classification based on the school the person is based at. Also, make sure that job description is up to date, since if your job now includes responsibilities outside your description, you may be able to be reclassified. There is also a possibility of merit increases two contracts out, but it is currently very vague since isn’t yet clarity on who will determine when the merit increases occur.

Carla then introduced the stewards to everyone so that all would know who they could go to for help with making sure you are in the right classification and your job description is up to date. In an effort to show what this might look like, we were treated to a roleplayed scenario with John Allen, Kurt Willcox and Kirk Wilcox.

If you think you may be in need of reclassification, please do talk to a steward if you need help with the process. They can help with analyzing your work, if you’re entitled to back pay, if you should be reclassified and with the process of rewriting your job description and submitting it to HR for consideration and to start the conversation with your management. The key take away: if the employee and a steward directly asks HR for this, it has to be done within 60 days; if the manager of the employee asks, there is no such restriction!

From now, we’ll have 18 months to complete this process. Having this all done will be much easier once OUS begins the “classification consolidation.”

Kurt invited everyone to the board of trustees meeting, where topics will include sexual violence, a central bank for the UO and a variety of other issues. It will be held in 123 GSH at 8:30 am on (day) and will extend (theoretically) til 5 pm each day.

SEIU Local 085