Monthly Local Meeting – September 10th, 2014

Our local monthly meeting was kicked off by our local President, Carla McNelly. Theodora Ko-Thompson introduced a special guest, Melissa Unger, SEIU Statewide Local 503 Political Director and UO alumni.

Melissa talked about her experiences at the UO and how that effect her future. She talked about the upcoming elections and how SEIU members can affect the Oregon State Senate elections.

The next speaker was John Taylor who attended General Council 2014 in Albany, OR. John gave a fantastic run down of the events and resolutions that passed at General Council and urged people to attend the next one.

Our last speaker was Johnny Earl who has been working on the New Classification & Compensation Job Families. He reported that it’s been a lot of work but he’s hopeful that this new system will lead to better promotions on campus. He reemphasized that no one will lose wages over this change.

The local meeting was wrapped with the Labor Choir performing a new song about the new classification system.

There were a few hand outs at the meeting today. The first one was for a fund raiser for the Strike Hardship Committee.

Track Town Fundraiser-1

The second one was for a form to volunteer for a phone bank during the elections. You can fill out the form and turn it in the Local office to volunteer.

Phone Bank Volunteer Form-1

SEIU Local 085