Assigned Extra Work Due to the GTFF Strike? Record it Here!


UO administration has announced that it intends to operate the university as normally as possible during the GTFF strike. They have distributed plans for doing so to deans, department heads, and faculty. These plans involve urging or requiring non-GTFF employees, including classified workers, to perform work that is not a normal part of their duties and that may even involve work that is completely outside the scope of their job descriptions.

For example, classified workers may be asked to:

  • Go to classrooms where GTFs are supposed to be teaching classes and report on whether or not the GTF showed up.
  • Collect student homework assignments and proctor or grade exams that GTFs are supposed to be giving.
  • Recruit and give instructions to people who will take the place of GTFs during a strike.
  • Provide access to the offices of striking GTFs for department or university administrators.
  • Cross a GTFF picket line in order to enter a building and perform any of these strike-related tasks or even your regular duties.

If you feel that any such assignments are unsafe or if they put you in fear for your safety or health, you should let your supervisor know and request an alternative assignment. If you are asked to do something that you know requires a license, certification, or clearance that you do not possess, you should also tell your supervisor and request an alternative assignment.

If you are still directed by management to perform the original assignment anyway, you can tell your supervisor that you wish to consult with an SEIU Steward before deciding whether to comply.

The UO Steward Hotline phone number is 541-346-0321.

In all other cases, you should perform the new work duty as required, so you will not be considered insubordinate. Be sure to keep track of these assignments, including when, how long, and how often you were required to do them.

SEIU Local 085