Monthly Local Meeting – March 11th, 2015

SEIU 085’s monthly local meeting was held in the EMU Gumwood room. We had several speakers come to talk about bargaining on campus. There were representatives from SEIU, United Academics, and the Graduate Teaching Fellows Federation.

The first speaker was Johnny Earl, Chief Bargaining Delegate for the UO campus, who gave an update on bargaining which stared in January.  SEIU is bargaining with USSE and the two sides have meet twice with a third time coming soon. USSE has put forth a proposal to bargain on only the economics.  The economics of bargaining include: Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA), PERS pick-up, Health Insurance benefits, wage differentials, adding a step to the top of the wage scale, and wage selectives for certain job classifications. USSE is focusing on diving the strength of SEIU by having 7 different economic proposals.

Johnny emphasized that this type of bargaining has never happened before and that bargaining with USSE is unprecedented.

The second speaker of the day was GTFF Treasure Krista Abrahamson who presented Carla McNelly a sign from the GTFF thanking SEIU for their support of the strike in December. Krista talked about what they were able to gain and how they are preparing to go back into bargaining soon.

The third speaker was United Academics President, Michael Dreiling. Michael spoke about the difficulties facing United Academics in being such a new union to campus. The faculty union is in bargaining currently for their second contract.

SEIU highly encourages all members to support all the unions on campus. In It Together, United We Will Win!

SEIU Local 085