April 2015 Local Focus

It’s Finally Time to Begin Serious Negotiations!
By Johnny Earl, Chief Bargaining Delegate

On April the 9th the bargaining teams from all seven universities, both labor and management, will have met five different times since January. In past years, bar gaining would have been much further along by this point, and most members
would be aware of some of the non-economic proposals being discussed. But as most of you are aware, management came to us this time with a proposal to supposedly “speed up” the bargaining process. They suggested that we keep most
of the non-economic articles in the contract the same, and move directly into bargaining the economic proposals such as health insurance, steps, and a cost of living increase. This was a bold and unprecedented move which could probably
have speeded up the process if the economic proposal were given to us as one package and not as different proposals for each school. We were willing to hear them out, but we made it very clear from the start that we weren’t willing to accept
any settlement offer that had multiple economic proposals in it. Management said they could respond to our request for a single economic proposal on March 19th…Continued on Page 7 of the attached PDF.

What’s Inside…

  • Page 1 – It’s Finally Time to Begin Serious Negotiations
  • Page 1 – Campus Labor Council (CLC) Meets Again
  • Page 2 – The Word Layoff Can be Scary
  • Page 3 – Seem a Little Crazy in Your Worksite Lately?
  • Page 4 – Events Calendar
  • Page 5 – Staff Changes
  • Page 6 – UO Stewards
  • Page 6 -Interested in Becoming a Steward?
  • Page 7 – Contract Enforcement Training
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