Monthly Local Meeting – April 8th, 2015

Rolando Figueroa, our local field organizer, started off the meeting by making a few announcements about upcoming events.

April 15th there will be a rally in front of Johnson Hall at 12 PM. The rally is in support of bargaining as well as the Fair Shot Campaign. See the flyer in the photo gallery for more information.

The second event is the Ways & Means Roadshow that will occur on April 23rd in Springfield. This is an opportunity to give direct comment on the upcoming state budget. For more information, you can contact Rolando at (541) 342-1055 ext. 302.

This month’s local meeting had a special guest speaker, Adam Jones from Environmental Health & Safety. Adam is the Industrial Hygienist/Loss Prevention Specialist and has been working very hard for the last few years to improve the air quality in buildings all around campus. Adam spoke about a few of the tools he uses to measure what is in the air of buildings and he talked about the department’s latest purchase, a infrared camera that can detect water leaks. Adam encourages everyone to call Environmental Health & Safety’s phone mainline if they are experience a problem.

Johnny Earl, chief bargaining delegate, gave an update on bargaining and spoke briefly about the upcoming IT selectives.

To close out the meeting, the Labor Choir performed.

SEIU Local 085