Bargaining Rally – July 9th, 2015


The bargaining rally in the Knight Library Memorial Quad was a great success and many people from all over campus attended including faculty, graduate students, and students.

The event was kicked off by the Labor Choir who sung an inspiring labor song.

Heather Conroy, SEIU 503 Executive Director, spoke about the agreement that state workers (DAS) reached with the state. State workers were able to hold the line on health insurance costs, secured an overall 4.23% COLA over the life of the contract, and gained an extra holiday after Thanksgiving. You can read more about the tentative contract here.

The tentative contract that the state workers have been able to achieve should make bargaining with USSE better.

We deserve a similar contract for the same work!

Marc Nisenfeld from PSU, Bargaining Chair, spoke next about how bargaining was going that morning.

This was followed by a march from the Memorial Quad to Johnson Hall. Chants were lead by our new SEIU field organizer, David Pinsonneault, who brought an amazing enthusiasm to the crowd. The crowd gathered in Johnson Hall for a few chants before regathering on the steps to listen to other campus labor leaders, that included Michael Dreiling from United Acadmeics, along with leaders from the GTTF and SLAP. Finally, Johnny Earl, the bargaining delegate from the UO, spoke to wrap up the event.

In addition to the rally, Local 085 President Theodora Ko-Thompson meet with Provost Scott Coltrane and presented him with an SEIU sign that been signed by members of campus to welcome the new UO President, Michael Schill.


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