June 2015 Local Focus

We Need Real Progress in Bargaining Soon or We’ll Be Moving On to Mediation
By Johnny Earl, Chief Bargaining Delegate

Our current contract will expire on June 30th and a tentative settlement on a new contract is far out of reach at this point. We are hoping the universities agree to extend our contract while bargaining continues, but whether they do or not, we will almost certainly be asking a state mediator to join our bargaining when state law allows it in July. There are just too many important issues that remain unresolved.

We haven’t made any progress on economics – PERS contributions, health insurance premiums, providing steps on time, and cost of living increases (COLA). Management is still proposing a cut back in our standard of living. They are only offering a half-percent (0.5%) cost of living increase this year and they’re insisting we wait until December to receive it. In 2016 they’re offering 0.5% in June and December. And in 2017, they say they can scrape together another 0.5% in June, the month before our new contract will expire.

At the same time, the universities want to delay our step increases for one year from our … Continued on Page 8 of the attached PDF.

What’s Inside…

  • Page 1 — Need Real Bargaining Progress Soon
  • Page 2 — May 20th Rally Photos
  • Page 2-3 — Local 085 Staff Changes
  • Page 4 — Events Calendar
  • Page 5 — Bargaining Rally, July 9th
  • Page 6 — In It Together–We Are Family
  • Page 8 — Now is the Time…
  • Page 9 — I Mind My Own Business, or Someone Else Will
  • Page 10 — UO Stewards
  • Page 10 — Steward Report
  • Page 11 — Dr. Howard Bunsis, State of the UO Finances
  • Page 11 — Local 085 Finance Report

Upcoming Events…

June 8th-9th (Monday-Tuesday)
Bargaining on WOU Campus
All Day

June 10th (Wednesday)
Local 085 Membership Meeting
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
@ EMU, Gumwood Room

June 11th (Thursday)
Executive Committee Meeting
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
@ LISB Room 217

June 17th (Wednesday)
Stewards Council Meeting
5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
@ LISB, Room 217
Only Union Stewards may attend.

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