Upcoming Fundraiser for the Strike Hardship Fund & Member Needs Committee

As you may know, we are in bargaining with United Shared Services Enterprise (USSE) and it is not proceeding apace. Management delayed for months earlier this year and has moved only recently on some of the non-economic proposals. At this rate, we may be looking at declaring impasse right on schedule and possible heading towards a strike this Fall. So now is the time to start preparing for that possibility.

The Strike Hardship Fund & Member Needs Committee is holding a fundraiser to raise more money to support those who may be put in financial hardship as a result of a strike. We do not get paid to strike, so that is lost wages that cannot be used to pay the bills, rent, etc. Our fund, along with funds from the Statewide SEIU 503, will help to offset those expenses for those members who support a strike.

The next fundraiser is supported by our good neighbors at Track Town Pizza on Franklin Boulevard and will be on July 15. We’ve included the flyer that must be presented at the time of purchase in this issue. If you cannot get out to lunch, we encourage group orders, one person can pick up and everyone can enjoy good food. Fundraiser packets, including Track Town’s menu and a group sign-up sheet, will be available at our July 9 rally or you can download the packet by clicking on the image below.

July 2015 Handout Package_Page_1

The fundraiser is not limited to our Union members, anyone can participate, so you can ask your friends who may be faculty or officers of administration or GTFs or non-UO people to have a pizza that day. It’s easy, just visit Track Town and present the flyer when ordering.

And finally, join us at the rally in front of Knight Library on July 9. We will hear from our bargaining team and SEIU 503 Executive Director Heather Conroy and President Rob Sisk. We’ve also invited new UO President Michael Schill to meet our membership, so it should be an interesting day.

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