July 2015 Local Focus

We’re in Contract Extension Time!
By Johnny Earl, Chief Bargaining Delegate

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

During our June 18th and 19th bargaining session at PSU we made some progress, but we still haven’t talked about the big economic issues that are still on the table. We may ask a mediator to help us work through some of the non-economic issues that we are currently stuck on. In the meantime, we need to show our unity here at the University of Oregon and across the state. Here is management’s current economic proposal:
Staggered COLA of 0.5% every six months (a total of 2% over two years);
A step freeze for the first year of our contract, which will cost many low-wage employees to suffer financially;
Caps on the employer’s share of healthcare premium contributions and shifting the risk of future increases to workers;
Refusal to bring our lowest paid workers up to a living wage of at least $15/hour.
As of July 1, we have a contract extension for 15 days, even though past contract extensions have customarily been granted for at least two months to try to come to agreement on a contract.

Continued on Page 2 of the attached PDF.

What’s Inside…

  • Page 1 — We’re in Contract Extension Time
  • Page 2 — Upcoming Fundraiser
  • Page 3 — Bargaining Rally, July 9th
  • Page 3 — Track Town Fundraiser
  • Page 3 — Does Management Really Value Classified Employees?
  • Page 4 — Events Calendar
  • Page 5 — Strike Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Page 6 — Call for Stewards
  • Page 6 — UO Stewards
  • Page 7 — Bereavement Issues and Policies
  • Page 7 — Calling All Ducks! Flying Squadron 2015
  • Page 7 — Local 085 Finance Report

Upcoming Events…

July 9th (Thursday)
Local 085 Rally
11:30 am – 1:30 pm
@ Knight Library Memorial Quad

July 9th-10th (Thursday-Friday)
Bargaining on UO Campus
All Day
@ Bean Complex (9th)
@ Global Scholars Hall (10th)

July 15th (Wednesday)
Stewards Council Meeting
5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
@ LISB, Room 217
Only Union Stewards may attend.

July 16th (Thursday)
Strike Hardship Funds Committee
Noon – 1:00 pm
@ LISB, Room 217

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