September 2015 Local Focus

Bargaining Update: We Need a Fair Contract — and We Need It Now!
By Johnny Earl, Chief Bargaining Delegate

Since January, our union’s Higher Education Bargaining Team has been working hard to ensure that we get a fair and equitable contract. As we near the finish line there seem to be three very large road blocks in our way – cost of living raises (COLA), how overtime is calculated, and changes to the layoff process. These road blocks and a few others have gotten us to the point of impasse in bargaining, whereby we have started distributing Strike Pledge sign-up sheets and are actively preparing for the possibility of a strike.

No one wants to go on Strike, but if management keeps pushing us, we won’t have a choice.

As far as money goes, our union and management seem to be living in two different realities. Their reality is that they don’t have any more money to give us to shore up our contract. Reality as we see it is that the financial outlook for higher education has improved significantly this year. They received more funds from the Legislature than they have in nearly 8 years. In addition, most schools raised tuition 3% or more for the coming academic year.

Our reality is that a good … Continued on Page 3 of the attached PDF.

What’s Inside…

  • Page 1 — Bargaining Update: We Need a Fair Contract Now!
  • Page 3 — Bargaining Proposals: Key Outstanding Issues
  • Page 4 — Events Calendar
  • Page 5 — Is This About Money, or Something Else?
  • Page 5 — Upcoming Fund-Raisers
  • Page 6 — Unions Matter to Working Families
  • Page 7 — How Much for a Decent Standard of Living?
  • Page 9 — August 13th Rally Photos
  • Page 9 — Age Discrimination
  • Page 10 — Call for Stewards
  • Page 10 — UO Stewards
  • Page 11 — Strike Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Upcoming Events…

September 7th (Monday)
AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
@ Picnic shelters behind Splash! Lively Park Swim Center, 6100 Thurston Rd., Springfield. Please bring a side dish.

September 8-9th (Tuesday-Wednesday)
All Day
@ PSU Campus

September 9th (Wednesday)
Local 085 Membership Meeting
Noon – 1:00 pm
@ Education 276 (UPDATED!)
Lunch provided

September 10th (Thursday)
Executive Committee Meeting
Noon – 1:00 pm
@ LISB, Room 217

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