October 2015 Local Focus

Make the UO Great and Respect Classified Workers

By Kurt Willcox, Chief General Council Delegate and UO Trustee

The UO Board of Trustees held an executive session on September 5 to talk about SEIU negotiations. The faculty trustee and I are excluded from such meetings. Even though our contract settled the day before, I requested the chance to speak to the other trustees about our contract negotiations before they had their executive session. Here’s what I said:

I want to thank Mike Schill (President), Jamie Moffitt (Vice President for Finance and Administration), Hans Bernard (Associate Vice President for State and Community Affairs and the UO’s main lobbyist in Salem), and anyone else involved in helping USSE and our union reach a contract settlement yesterday. It’s a good settlement and I have no doubt our members will ratify it.
The message I have for you all today is much the same as the one I would have given you if our contract weren’t settled. It is about improving relationships and making new beginnings.

In my union role, I am certainly an advocate for classified employees here at the UO, but I am trying to speak to you now …

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What’s Inside…

Page 1 — Make the UO Great and Respect Classified Workers
Page 1 — Things Management Doesn’t Care About: Employee Privacy
Page 3 — Take Your Vacation
Page 4 — Events Calendar
Page 4 — Upcoming Oakshire Fundraiser
Page 4 — Strike Hardship Fund Bake Sale Report
Page 5 — AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic & UO Campus Community Tour Photos
Page 5 — My Experience with the Member Leadership Development Program
Page 6 — UO Stewards
Page 11 — Summary of Contract Changes

Upcoming Events…

October 1st (Thursday)
Contract Ratification Meetings
6:45am – 7:30am @ Lillis
11:30am – 1:30pm @ Deschutes 160
2:00pm – 4:00pm @ Bean West Conference Room

October 7th (Wednesday)
Oakshire Inspire Fundraiser
All Day @ Oakshire Brewing Public House, 207 Madison St., Eugene

October 7th (Wednesday)
Contract Action Team (CAT) Meeting
Noon – 1:00pm @ EMU Oak Room
Lunch provided

October 8th (Thursday)
Executive Committee Meeting
Noon – 1:00pm @ LISB, Room 217

October 14th (Thursday)
Local 085 Membership Meeting
Noon – 1:00pm @ EMU Gumwood Room
Lunch provided

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