November 2015 Local Focus

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Local Focus – November 2015

Ratification YES and a Big Thank You

By Johnny Earl, Chief Bargaining Delegate

Sisters and Brothers,

CONGRATULATIONS on a hard fought contract victory! We were able to maintain our benefits and receive a wonderful Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increase with your help. We were able to raise standards for our Early Childhood Teachers and Associates. These are individuals that take care of our most precious jewels: our children. I’m proud of that and know that we have more work to do next time around, as so many of us made great selective presentations and need to see some improvements.

Each one of you made a difference in this campaign, especially those who went to rallies, went to meetings, read emails, and simply had conversations about the issues at hand with your coworkers. Each one of these contributions enabled us to get the purple engine started.

Our campaign for our next contract started this past Friday: the day we ratified our new agreement. With a four year agreement, this next campaign will be different from how we have done things in the past. What I mean is that now we will come back to the table with management in…

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What’s Inside…

  • Page 1 — Ratification YES and a Big Thank You
  • Page 1 — UOPD Ride Along
  • Page 3 — Summary of Contract Changes
  • Page 4 — Events Calendar
  • Page 6 — UO Stewards
  • Page 6 — Interested in Becoming a Steward?
  • Page 6 — October 27, 2015 Treasurer’s Summary
  • Page 7 — Report a Problem and YOU Become the Problem

Upcoming Events…

November 11th (Wednesday)

Local 085 Membership Meeting

Noon – 1:00pm @ EMU Gumwood

Lunch provided

November 12th (Thursday)

Executive Committee Meeting

Noon – 1:00pm @ LISB Room 217

November 18th (Wednesday)

Stewards Council Meeting

5:30pm – 7:30pm @ LISB Room 217

Only Union Stewards may attend

November 19th (Thursday)

Strike Hardship Funds Committee

Noon – 1:00pm @ LISB, Room 217

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