SEIU Steward Case Statistics

The following data represents trends within the University of Oregon during March 1–July 15, 2016. ese statistics are used to track the number and departments of classified employees who contacted SEIU 085 to report concerns that their rights under the Collective Bargaining Agreement are being violated, concerns that they are targets for discipline by management; and/or general questions regarding the CBA and their rights.

In total, 94 employees contacted SEIU during the nearly five-month span. All individual cases are held in the strictest confidentiality. SEIU will never divulge identifying information regarding employees without their explicit consent. These statistics therefore exclude any data that could be used to identify an individual employee or case.

The most frequent concern workers report to SEIU is that they are being targeted by management for discipline. Not surprisingly in a year of austerity cuts and budget reductions, layoffs are not far behind. Workers have also expressed frequent concerns regarding their experiences with the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity; many are in regard to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Issues relating to managerial scheduling practices under the CBA also ranked high. Perhaps most striking is the number of workers reporting inappropriate or hostile workplace climates, issues of harassment in the workplace, and discriminatory behavior. Finally, issues regarding classification and compensation are a frequent source of questions and concern.

screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-6-11-22-pmIt is likely that the actual number of issues is vastly underrepresented in this data, for two reasons. First, on-site shop stewards are more likely to hear about issues within their own department. Many of these issues are resolved internally and never rise to the level of a formal grievance or official report. The disproportionate number of worker concerns emerging from the department of University Housing (about 25 percent of all reports) is difficult to ignore. The second reason that actual issues may be underrepresented is that the union only knows about problems and questions that are reported. Most workers suffer in silence; the CBA can be difficult and daunting to navigate; and many employees have legitimate worries that speaking out about their concerns will make them a target. These statistics demonstrate that, whatever your concerns, fears, or injuries, you are not alone. Others at the UO have also faced injustice.

The only way to fight injustice is to bring it to light, call it by name, and refuse to let it pass uncontested. The shop stewards at SEIU 085 are here to assist you in this endeavor.

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