IT Workers Impacted by Reorganization Speak Up

The university decided to retool IT operations and announced their decision to workers Friday, August 26. The UO hired consultant Harvey Blustain who authored a report called “Reorganization of Information Technology at the University of Oregon,” which details his suggestions. The university asked for workers’ feedback via an online survey.

Eager to provide input, the UO IT community worked with a SEIU 503–085 union steward who helped organize group discussions. During five face-to-face meetings, IT workers from central and distributed units across campus surfaced issues that impacted each attendee, their IT unit and colleagues, their supported personnel, and the university as a whole. A number of themes emerged from the discussions; following are just a few of 17.

  • Project goals beyond reorganization are unclear
  • Administrative, Academic and Communications labels are being applied to IT staff unnecessarily
  • Retention problems are already occurring that are directly related to the reorganization project

UO Transform IT Feedback Meeting
Friday December 2 11 a.m.–Noon
Knight Library Browsing Room

People who are classified workers and others who are officers of administration drafted 23 specific solutions, including recommendations to:

  • Extend the survey deadline (the current survey closed)
  • Clarify problems and goals
  • Set metrics by which to measure success of the project
  • Complete the plan before executing it

The meetings were well received and attended. Notes were sent to the UO IT email list DeptComp. Please stay apprised of the important campus-wide project through the provost’s project page at the following location.

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