IT Workers Call for All Hands On Deck to Respond to UO Reorganization Plans

It took a lot of effort this fall to slow down the reorganization process and get IT and UO administrators to solicit input from people whose work is to be affected. Now the IT caucus wants to ensure that the needs of IT staff are addressed in the Transform IT Project and during upcoming SEIU negotiations with the universities over economic issues. Our union has made this a priority by assigning Senior Organizer Barbara Kellogg to work with us. She can help us reach out to more IT workers and include more people in the planning. I hope you’ll join us.


During 2016, a consultant hired by the University of Oregon issued a report with recommendations to improve the efficiency of the organization of information technology personnel that work with the university. During the end of August through September, the university asked IT workers to participate in a survey regarding their thoughts about the Blustain report and the proposed changes. In order to ensure their collective voice is heard, the IT Caucus sponsored three opportunities for IT staff to meet during September.

In addition, we organized a meeting for web developers and another for both classified and OA IT staff. We focused our discussion on the impacts of the report and the related Transform IT Project currently underway at the University of Oregon.

A report with descriptions of the identified problem areas and recommended solutions generated by the discussions with IT staff from across campus was created and presented to the entire IT community via an e-mail discussion list named deptcomp. It was also presented at the December 1 UO Board of Trustees meeting during a public comment period.

We Want You!

Over the next month, the IT Caucus with the support of SEIU Local 503 Senior Organizer Barbara Kellogg will be actively engaging with interested classified University of Oregon IT staff to join and help us steer the IT caucus’ next steps. We will focus on identifying issues negatively impacting IT staff, especially those related to the Transform IT Project and compensation as bargaining gets underway.

Join the Group

If you would like to be on the caucus mailing list ( please forward me ( or Barbara Kellogg ( your non-work e-mail address or find and join the Google group. Please direct any discussion to this mailing list. Please use your personal email and don’t do this on work time.

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