Negotiation With Universities Begin

Union brothers and sisters, I thank each one of you who filled out a bargaining survey. Our team appreciates your input, and we will focus on your suggestions as we develop a sound strategy for winning a fair and equitable contract.

Workers at the UO are truly engaged. We filled out more surveys than people who work for the other six schools and it is our largest turnout ever.

The most common complaint involved our contract language on inclement weather conditions. That section of our contract isn’t legally open for negotiations now; we can only bargain specific economic issues, like wages, insurance and retirement. We also received your thoughts about what a fair deal looks like to you.

Our team will review each survey and incorporate your feedback into our proposals. We meet with people who represent the universities March 30 at Portland State Univ.

The universities may or may not deliver proposals during the first meeting, because the state’s economic forecast is expected at the end of April. It can make clear the amount of money available for higher education workers.

Submit a non-UO email address for bargaining info

We advise union members to provide an email address that is not owned by the university, like your address is. You can create an account at or another free email provider. An email address that is not connected to the UO allows you to directly learn about union activities and connect to members. If you don’t want to receive union email, please opt out by using the link in each message.

We can’t win a fair contract without your support. Tell the universities to treat workers fairly. It’s not right to sacrifice our retirement to fix the state budget.
One of the best benefits of working with the UO is health insurance; that’s only reality as long as we don’t pay more of the premiums.

We deserve a fair cost of living increase; we worked for it. The cost of living continues to increase, and our salaries don’t match market rates or the volume of work we do.

Oregon ranks 50th among states when corporate tax levels are compared. The Oregon legislature needs to develop more revenue for higher education and critical state services. Make large corporations pay their fair share, and don’t take it from workers and students.

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