Be First to Know About Bargaining—Be a CAT

Join the Contact Action Team. Be a leader in your work site by sharing union news with the people you work with. Collect their feedback to guide the union bargaining team.

The responsibilities are minimal, and it’s a great way to support and protect yourself and the people you work with. Involve your co-workers—more than one CAT can collaborate to organize people in a work site.

  • Communicate important union information to people you work with in person, via email and printed fliers that we supply.
  • ‌Distribute printed fliers that we supply to work sites and bulletin boards. You can pick them up during the monthly CAT meeting.
  • Update bulletin work site bulletin boards.
  • Forward the feedback your co-workers give you to Chief Contact Lois Yoshishige or Chief Bargaining Delegate Johnny Earl
  • Connect people you work with who have questions or need help with union leaders. Follow-up with your co-worker to ensure they connect to the right resources.
  • Help people become union members; help them complete registration and deliver it to Membership Organizer Gary Malone.
  • Encourage people who are classified workers to attend union actions.
  • Host meetings during bargaining to update people you work with about the status of negotiations and gather their feedback to guide union bargaining leaders.

Become a CAT, contact action team member

Please contact Lois Yoshishige to get started.
541 346 1251

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