Jobs with Justice Strategy Report

Photographic image is panoramic in format; it depicts people lined up around the edges of a large indoor space in a conference center in Washington, D.C. They participated in the Jobs with Justice Strategy Conference.

People gather during the Jobs with Justice Strategy Conference in Washington D.C., February 22–25, at Tommy Douglas Conference Center, formerly the National Labor College.

Jobs with Justice is “the premier workers’ rights network” with chapters all over the country. Lonnie Douglas and I attended the 2017 Jobs with Justice (JwJ) Strategy Conference in Washington D.C., February 22–25. Ian McTeague also attended from the UO Student Labor Action Project (SLAP). Approximately 80 member leaders attended.

We networked with other JwJ and SLAP chapters, participated in numerous workshops and talked about

  • strategies for moving forward as an organization,
  • developing campaigns,
  • racial and gender justice,
  • resisting and fighting the Republican administration’s anti-labor and anti-immigrant agenda,
  • and building network coordination and solidarity.

Do we stand together on defense and react to what the right-wing throws at us, or do we continue on the offense pushing a progressive pro-worker agenda? We need to do both.

We need to build solidarity within our local union, and you should join people who are your fellow union workers. We need to involve more people in union efforts and build coalitions with other ally organizations.

  • Members of your union UO SEIU regularly meet the second Wednesday of each month (i.e. May 10, June 14 etc.).
  • The Eugene and Springfield Solidarity Network meets at the AFSCME building at 688 Charnelton St. the third Monday of each month from 5:30–7 p.m.
  • Our Revolution Lane County meets every Saturday at Theo’s Coffee House and Whirled Pies Downtown at 199 W. 8th Ave. 11 a.m.–1 p.m.

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