Union Makes Initial Bargaining Proposals

People who represent the union and management met for their first face-to-face negotiation session March 30 and 31 at Portland State University. Following are the proposals the SEIU bargaining team crafted for 2017-19 negotiations; they are based directly on your responses to the recent bargaining survey.

We stand with you, and we know you stand with your SEIU bargaining team. We may not get everything we want, but that’s why they call it bargaining. However, I do know that we won’t win any of these proposals if people don’t engage in the bargaining process.

Feel free to contact me at johnnyearl59@yahoo.com. This year, we will need to work hard together to protect what we already achieved—no take backs.

Wage Increase

Three percent Cost of Living Adjustment during 2017 and an increase equal to the rise in the Consumer Price Index plus one percent during 2018

Living Wage Floor

No job classification will earn less than $15 per hour


No change to our current premium share arrangements

Sick Leave Rate

Increase accrual rates by two hours every five years similar to increases in vacation accrual rates (0–5 years=8 hours, 5–10 years=10 hours, 10–15 years=12 hours, etc.)

Sick Leave Cash Out

Allow cash out of 50 percent of sick leave after 10 years of service

Floating Holidays

Add one floating holiday


Make President’s Day an official work holiday It is the third Monday during February

Special/Governor’s day

Expand use period to Nov. 15–June 30

Personal Leave Days

Increase to 32 hours per year and pro-rate for part-time workers

Campus Closure Days

Employees shall be granted up to five campus closure days with pay per year starting on the second day of any closure

Shift Differential

Increase general shift differential from $0.75 per hour to $1.50 per hour. Change start time to 3 p.m. Extend eligibility up to Salary Range 26.

Nurse Shift Differential

Increase shift differential for RN, LPN, Mid-Level Medical Practitioners, and Staff Nurses to $2.10 per hour

Wage Differential

Lift salary range threshold from SR 24 or below to SR 26 or below

Hazardous Materials Differential

Increase to $2–$2.50 per hour

Lead Work Differential

Increase to 7 percent, expand eligibility to all employees who supervise four or more students

IT Workers—Competency Level Review

Allow all IT workers to request to be moved to a higher competency level regardless of whether they are above or below the control point for their classification and to grieve denials of such requests

IT Workers—Salary Eligibility Date

When an employee is moved to a higher competency level, their Salary Eligibility Date shall be adjusted to 12 months following the date they were placed in the higher competency level


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