SEIU 503 Leaders Say Vote to Change Corporate Status a Win

SEIU 503 members voted overwhelmingly—by 91 percent of ballots cast—to reject a Freedom Foundation attack on our union and their personal privacy by changing their union’s corporate non-profit status.

“To me, this vote was not just about standing with my union, but standing up for myself,” SEIU 503 member Natalie Jackson said. “As a child care provider, the idea of random people and groups having access to my home address is beyond unacceptable—it’s downright scary. I’m thrilled that we stood together as union members and made a stand to protect our privacy.”

The Freedom Foundation is an anti-union group based in Washington state that is trying to obtain union membership lists. They hope to influence members to vote against the fair share fee that union-represented workers pay. Using paid ads, “alternative fact” editorials, podcasts and multiple radio show appearances, the group encouraged SEIU 503 members to vote against our own self-interest for weeks.

Vote Tally

  • ‌Yes—6,661
  • ‌No—573
  • ‌Invalid—53
  • ‌Provisional—206
  • ‌Total valid ballots—7,287

We believe this is the largest vote turnout in our union’s history.

The restated articles of incorporation were filed with the Secretary of State after the vote. Sisters and brothers, SEIU 503 is, at this moment an unincorporated association, governed by its own documents and labor union regulations.

We made history.

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