Higher Ed Bargaining Update — July 20

Our bargaining team met with University Administration on July 17-18 earlier this week on the campus of Western Oregon University. Members rallied over the lunch hour featuring a live performance by the SEI-Love-U jazz band.

However, we’re still far apart in terms of what we feel is a fair contract. We maintain that we deserve a fair COLA, to maintain our health care premium share, and keep our steps. During the legislative session, our work lobbying and campaigning for investments in education were pivotal in winning new revenue that resulted in an increase of 72 million in the funding. Yet management is continuing to propose a COLA of inflation capped at .5 percent, along with no steps and an increase in our premium share to 7 percent.

This is unacceptable.

SEIU Local 503 Proposals University Management Proposals

  • 2.5 percent, effective 7/1/2017
  • 2.5 percent, effective 7/1/2018
  • Wage floor of $2600/ month, effective 7/1/2017

  • CPI capped at .5 percent, effective 12/1/2017
  • CPI capped at .5 percent, effective 12/1/2018
  • NO to $2600/ month wage floor

  • Continuation of step increases.

  • Freeze steps through 6/30/2019

  • 95/5 except the lowest cost plan available to the employee
  • 97/3 split on the lowest cost plan available to the employee (status quo).

  • 93/7 split on all plans except the lowest cost plan in PEBB.
  • 97/3 split on the lowest cost PEBB plan.
Differential increases.
No differential increases.
Meals Cost LOA, OSU:

  • Status quo.
Meals Cost LOA, OSU:

  • Expand LOA to include UO, increasing costs for UO workers.
Salary Selectives:

  • 34 classifications
Salary Selectives:

  • Electrical Control and Systems Tech to Salary Range 27.

Now is the time to turn up the pressure on campus. More than ever, we need to make it clear that we deserve a fair contract and will stick together for the win!

Our next bargaining session is August 7-8 at the Bend Cascade Extension. Be on the lookout for unity breaks, purple up days, and other actions on the horizon.

In Unity,

SEIU Local 503 Higher Ed Bargaining Team

  • Marc Nisenfeld, Bargaining Team Chair
  • Johnny Earl, UO
  • Trisha Guy, WOU
  • Bud Hill, EOU
  • Bob Klem, Oregon Tech (Alternate Chair)
  • Colleen Martin-Low, SOU
  • Gloria O’Brien, OSU
  • David Shapiro, PSU

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