Tentative Agreement Reached – Celebration BBQ

We have a Tentative Agreement!

COLA – 1% 10/1/17, 1% 7/1/18
Healthcare- 95/5 & 97/3, Kept Low Wage Worker subsidy
Steps- Full-step each year
Meals LOA-  UO $1.00 meals for dining workers non-dining workers on point system, OSU current LOA
A number of selectives + differentials
We’ll have more information at the BBQ but this is a huge improvement because of the work members did across the state. Management’s proposals just a few days ago was frozen steps, no COLAs, 93-7 split on health insurance, $3 for the meals. If we did not have a Union, Management simply could have implemented this on all of you. But we have a Union and this contract moves workers forward instead of backwards, make sure to meet at the campment which has a tent from Survival Cooking for the team’s barbecue!
Congrats to everyone!!!!!
In solidarity,

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SEIU Local 503 Sublocal 085: University of Oregon