New Local Officers Installed; Vice President Moves Up

On Wednesday, April 11, UO Classified Workers, SEIU Sub-Local 085, installed our new officers, stewards, delegates, and committee members who were elected last month. However, Louie Vidmar who had been elected Vice President was installed as President instead of John Taylor who won election to that office.

The Executive Committee includes:

  • President – Louie Vidmar
  • Vice President – vacant [edit: Candice Woyak was appointed as our new Vice President]
  • Secretary – Stephanie Prentiss
  • Treasurer – Lisa Wimberley
  • Chief Steward – Gary Malone
  • Chief Contact – Lois Yoshishige
  • Chief Bargaining Delegate – Johnny Earl
  • Chief General Council Delegate – Theodora Ko Thompson
  • Membership Organizer – Lisa Roberts
  • Newsletter Editor – Jason Stone

Stewards: Candice Woyak, Chris Bogle, Chuck Theobald, Cimmeron Gillespie, Gary Malone, Jerimiah Igou, Johnny Earl, Lauradel Collins, Lisa Roberts, Lisa Wimberley, Lois Yoshishige, Michael Omogrosso, Mike Barr, Nikki Rudiger, Sara Clark, Stephanie Prentiss, Theodora Ko Thompson, Toni Campbell, Tony LaChapelle, and Morgan Blake.

Bargaining Delegates: Candice Woyak, Lisa Wimberley, Louie Vidmar, and Ruby F. Thompson.

General Council Delegates: Beth Singler, Cimmeron Gillespie, Gary Malone, Jason Stone, Jimmy Murray, Johnny Earl, Lisa Roberts, Louie Vidmar, Lynne Harrell, Michael Omogrosso, Sara Clark, and Jerimiah Igou.

Strike/Hardship Committee: Craig Koharchick, Cynthia Lynn Hiers, Jerimiah Igou, Nicole Nelson, Rick Schwab, Toni Campbell, and Cimmeron Gillespie.

Due to unfortunate extraneous circumstances leading up to and following the election, John Taylor declined to accept the position of SEIU Sub-Local 085 President. He also stepped down from his other statewide roles within SEIU 503. John will remain a full dues-paying member of our union, but he will be taking a hiatus from union leadership roles to focus on his family. We all appreciate John’s service to our union and our members over the years.

Because John’s decision created a vacancy, we followed the process in our local bylaws which says that the Vice President assumes the role of President. We checked with SEIU 503 and they agreed with this approach. Since Louie Vidmar was elected Vice President, he moved into the vacant position of President. This is clearly not the result Louie expected, so we are very pleased that he has agreed to take on this added responsibility.

Photographic image depicts Louie Vidmar

Louie Vidmar

“It’s important to do what is best for the membership,” said Vidmar. “I was saddened to read John’s resignation. He is a strong leader, a great friend, and a passionate advocate for the labor movement. I hope that he gets the respite he needs to recharge.” Adding, “I want to hear from members, and advocate for what WE as a union want to fight for. We work hard in our careers for the betterment of the University, and all of us deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.”

Louie’s move into the presidency means we now have a vacancy for Vice President. When the Local 085 Executive Committee meets on April 25, we expect to appoint someone to that position. If you are interested in serving as Vice President, please contact one of us. [edit: the position has been filled. Candice Woyak was appointed as our new Vice President]

We all look forward to working together for the benefit of UO classified employees.

In solidarity,

Louie Vidmar, President
Stephanie Prentiss, Secretary
Lisa Wimberley, Treasurer
Gary Malone, Chief Steward
Lois Yoshishige, Chief Contact
Lisa Roberts, Membership Organizer
Jason Stone, Newsletter Editor
Johnny Earl, Chief Bargaining Delegate
Theodora Ko Thompson, Chief General Council Delegate


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