Higher Ed Strike Pledge: Add Your Name Today!

Management is proposing cost-of-living raises that are far below the rate of inflation and asking classified workers to take huge, long-term wage reductions by cutting our steps in half.

No other public employees in Oregon are being asked to take these kinds of cuts. In fact, 24,000 state employees outside of higher education recently have been promised raises of up to 15% over the next two years.

The economy is strong. Oregon’s public universities are set to receive record-high funding from our tax dollars. They should be providing affordable education and good jobs for our communities, but instead they’re raising tuition and putting the squeeze on low-wage workers. This will not stand.

Management can afford to do better!

Add Your Name to the Higher Ed Strike Pledge Today!  

*Note: Signing the Strike Pledge is not a formal vote to strike at this time. Rather, by signing the Pledge a Union Member announces their intention to authorize and participate in a strike in the event that management does not improve their current offer of proposals.

Summary of Economic Proposals (Updated 8/7/2019)

Union’s Proposals

Management’s Proposals


4.5% COLA July 1, 2019

4.5% COLA July 1, 2020

0.5% COLA Jan 1 2020

0.5% COLA July 1, 2020

0.5% COLA Jan 1 2021

0.5% COLA June 1, 2021 (contract expires 30 days later)


Regular step increases each year of the contract.

Add a step at the top and eliminate lowest step the first year of the contract.

Year 1 – Regular full steps

Year 2 – Half Steps (change salary schedule to 19 steps which would mean it would take 19 years to top out).

No new steps for workers who have topped out.


1% premium on lowest-cost plan

5% premium on highest-cost plan

Current Contract Language (3% and 5%)


Current contract language, which protects us against potential cuts.

Current contract language


Increase to 350 hours/40 hours cash pay-out

Current contract language

Personal Leave

Increase to 32 hours per year

Decrease to 16 hours per year

Contract Term

2 Years

4 Years with limited reopener on economics

Meal Discount for Dining Services

Maintain $1 meal for dining services employees.

Increase cost of shift meal to $3 for UO.

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