The Votes are In: 95% Yes. Strike Called for Monday, Sept. 30

Strike authorization votes have been tallied and over 95% of Higher Ed employees who voted authorized a strike at Oregon’s seven public universities.

Here at the U of O,  97.5% voted “Yes” on striking.

In exit polling, reasons members cited for their Strike votes included: management’s latest contract offer has cost of living allowances that don’t keep up with the actual increase in the cost of living, no real recognition for long-term university workers, and an insulting proposal to triple the cost of meals for the people who prepare them at the University of Oregon.

“I’m prepared to strike because UO management persists in hiring incompetent bully bosses who make a lot more money than I do,” reported one union member. “At the same time they depend on me to help them run the department because they can’t figure it out. I have to figure out a way to do it that doesn’t get me fired. Management is not staffing and organizing departments to provide the best service to our students and I’m pissed about it.”

What Happens Next? Our bargaining team will continue to negotiate with management and will return to the table Monday, September 23rd at Portland State University, but if we don’t reach a fair agreement that respects workers, we will strike on Monday, September 30th at 7amMore information on what it means to strike, including strike benefits information, can be found at the SEIU503 website.

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