Updates from Bargaining as Monday Strike Looms

If we don’t reach a fair agreement that respects workers, we will Strike on Monday, September 30th at 7 a.m. //

11 -2 this Friday: Come to 13th & Agate, help welcome students and their parents back to campus and let them know what we are prepared to Strike for, and why.

Member Q&A:

Q: Was management reasonable at the table today?

“No. Not at all.” –Johnny Earl, 085 Chief Bargaining Delegate

Q: What’s the biggest sticking point?

“Although we are seeing movement from management there is still a gap between economic offers on the table.  Management still refuses to offer COLA’s that cover the expected inflation for the next contract period. It is extremely important that membership continues to stand strong for a good contract.” –Johnny Earl, 085 Chief Bargaining Delegate

Q: When will we know for sure if the Strike is happening?

“Sunday night.” –Johnny Earl, 085 Chief Bargaining Delegate

Q: Any news on potential support of construction unions?

Details are being worked out, I think a press release is going out tomorrow morning. I don’t want to over-promise, but best I can say is, we expect the Strike to have a notable impact on construction.“–085 President Louie Vidmar

Q: I heard there’s more bad news for management?

Yes. Today the GTFF has declared impasse in their own contract negotiations with the university administration. Both parties now have seven days to submit their best and final offers. Then the countdown clock for a potential GE’s Strike begins ticking.

Q: If we Strike, what will it mean for our students?

At the Daily Emerald, a must-read is graduate student

Fair Contracts, Fair Tuition – Why Workers Stand with Students at UO

Q: Besides this website, what other resources are there for Strike Prep info?

  • If you Facebook, join the SEIU 503 Higher Ed Workers Facebook group. It’s often the place with the fastest breaking news from union leaders. Lots of Members are posting here too.
  • Keep an eye out for updates via email (NOT your U of Owe work email) and text messages. (There are concerns that some members haven’t received all notifications; make sure you have provided the Union with a personal email address and/or signed up to receive texts.
  • Email our Field Organizer at bretone@seiu503.org
  • Statewide SEIU 503’s website. Eugene Field Office: 541-342-1055

Q: Let’s get to the important stuff . . . Has the university made provisions to take care of our many needy OAs?

Of course! They’ve established a “merit pool” to provide raises for (presumably meritorious?) OAs in fiscal year 2020. Presumably, in the interest of transparency, management intends to frame an official Policy on what precisely will constitute “OA merit” and how those metrics will correlate with distribution of the (merit-based?) raises to our managers. We would expect Classified Staff, who are important stakeholders with special insights in this area, to be invited the table to help frame that Policy.

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