Strike Averted! “Best contract in over a decade” says Bargaining Team

A tentative contract agreement has been reached!

The SEIU Bargaining Team released this statement around 8 a.m.:

“After 22 hours of negotiating, the Bargaining Team reached an agreement with management early Saturday morning on an increase in wages and benefits that will mean the best contract in over a decade for you and your coworkers. The contract includes the highest COLAs we’ve seen and retroactive raises for all workers.

Here are the highlights:

  • COLA: The largest COLA in more than a decade, 3% retroactive to July 1, 2019 pending ratification and another 2.1% starting July 1, 2020. Management started negotiations with just a .5% COLA on the table. We were only able to push them this far because of our work to get strike ready.

  • HEALTHCARE: No change in the premium share rate for you and your coworkers, a significant improvement from the 10% increase that management originally proposed.

  • INCLEMENT WEATHER: 48 hours of paid inclement weather over the 2 year contract to be used if campuses are closed. This statewide inclement weather policy is better than any contract we have seen.

  • STEPS: Regular steps in both years of the contract means that a worker who is not topped out will see a nearly 15% increase (Steps+COLAs) over the 2 years of the contract. Management’s initial proposal on steps was a complete freeze for the duration of the contract.

  • LONGEVITY DIFFERENTIAL: All workers with 5 years of service who are “topped out” will get an ongoing 2.5% differential on 11/1/19.

We were only able to come this far because you are your coworkers were ready to stick together and walk out on Monday. Together, we fought back take-aways proposed by management on wages, health care, steps, and personal days, and won higher wages for all workers. This hard-fought victory is a testament to the strength and solidarity of you and your coworkers. We have never built a campaign this strong, which is why we won the best contract we have seen in over a decade.”

More details on the agreed contract terms to follow, but this suggests a big win for workers and the Strike on Monday will be called off.

UO HR website has some details up here.

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