A Closer Look at What’s in our Contract

  • Everyone gets a 3% raise retroactive to July 1, 2019 (first-year COLA).
  • For those of us topped out, an extra 2.5% for “longevity”. We will get that at least til the next contract. (We bargain economics every 2 years, so management may try to pull it back . . . Stay tuned in a couple years’ time.)

Other raises that will occur over the term of this contract:

  • Those of us who are not topped out will receive our full steps for each year of the 2-year contract. Step raises begin on the anniversary of your date of hire.
  • In our July 31, 2020 paychecks all should see an extra 2.1% raise (second-year COLA).
  • SEIU 503 has published a list of the salary selectives approved. For workers in certain classifications, these selectives will add two steps at the top of the salary range, which you get on your anniversary like any step.
You can check Duckweb to see if those raises have come through and how much your paycheck will be: https://duckweb.uoregon.edu/pls/prod/twbkwbis.P_WWWLogin  There is usually info there 2-3 days in advance of payday. Contact Mindy Schmidling at mindy@uoregon.edu or 6-2960 if you don’t see that raise when your November payroll information appears.
In addition to these raises, Classified workers now also will be paid in the event that inclement weather events shut down campus. The tentative contract includes 48 hours of inclement weather leave over the two years. Designated essential workers who must report to work will be paid double time and a half if they must work during those situations. I believe the presidents can at their discretion pay us for more if, god forbid, the campus was closed for more than that due to Nature’s Fury.
These are the best raises I can remember for the last decade, and our team is to be commended for their success. But Johnny says that it’s we rank and file who did the work to get this, with our 95% percent strike vote (he said every school had a high turnout of voters), our actions and visibility, and our determination to get a decent deal this time. We actually got a somewhat better deal than DAS classified workers did!
Management knew two months before we settled that they would be able to give us these raises, but pushed us to the brink of a strike.
Our chief bargaining delegate Johnny Earl pointed out to management that all the classifications that received selectives in this contract have a predominance of MALE workers. Where’s the gender equity in that??
So we now have a Letter of Agreement around Article 52 and will have a management/staff committee (4/4 I think) that is going to review administrative support positions. They’ll revisit the class/comp work of a few years ago and revamp/update. They’ll be looking at Office Assistant, Office Specialist 1 & 2, Administrative Program Assistant, Administrative Program Specialist, Executive Support Specialist, Accounting and Payroll techs. Positions held by 1200 of our members, many or most of them female, will be looked at.
We still have the 97/3% or 95/5% healthcare split, depending on which plan you choose. (I notice our out-of-pocket went up, at least for the PEBB Statewide, but that’s not something we can bargain.)
We also retained the 250 hour vacation cap (you can’t have more than that saved up at one time).
We retained the 24 hours of personal leave.
UO meal kitchen staff shift meal costs will remain at $1. Management had proposed stiffing some of our lowest paid workers by raising the cost of their shift meals to $3. Rumor is, among the seven schools, UO seemed to be the one that was most invested in this pettiness.
Article 40 is about sick leave. Language has been updated to include mother- and father-in-law, aunt, uncle, same-sex partner.
Bereavement leave will be 4 days not 3, which in my experience is still not long enough but better than 3. My understanding from that conversation is that we can ask for unpaid leave for 10 more days, which I doubt many of us know or could use, but I may have confused that with what the OAs get which I guess is 10 unpaid days?
We should all have gotten fresh voting emails from the union now. They had them sent to our uoregon addresses so that everyone would get one. The sooner we vote to accept the new contract, the sooner Payroll can get really going on getting all that lovely new extra money to us.
The deadline for electronic voting is October 14. If you wait til they send a ballot, Johnny thought that deadline was October 28. But I don’t know for sure. I would now encourage you to vote electronically BUT beware — you apparently have to click and click and click the “submit” button — as many as 6 times! That is rather unnerving but apparently it’s OK. Let’s hope. You might also have to pick a web browser, like Firefox. That said, I just voted and it was quite straightforward and easy. The outcome of the vote will be determined by the number of Yes and No votes submitted; there is no quota of voter percentage to meet. Please vote.

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