WE Have a New Contract!

Today draws to a close a year of hard fights for the classified staff at Oregon’s public universities. We fought hard against management’s unwillingness to show respect for our jobs, and we won the best contract in a decade!

The results are in and 98% have voted to ratify this new contract, one of the highest margins in history.

This means the raises that we fought so hard for are on their way! Your raises will show up on November’s paycheck (so look for it on your pay stub), and you will get paid retroactively from July 1st, forward.

Click here for details on what we won in the new contract.

This historic contract is the result of the hard work that you and your leadership did over the last year. The bargaining team fought hard with the support of every member that came out to a rally, signed a petition, and voices their support. This is your victory, and now it is time to celebrate!

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SEIU Local 085