What about CATs?

Make a difference in your workplace! Become a part of the Contract Action Team (CAT)
If you have ever attended a general meeting, you may have heard the phrase “This is YOUR union.” Nothing could be truer than that. The Union is not about your elected leaders solving problems for members, but rather organizing and building the membership to work collectively to bring about change and to successfully bargain for a good contract.

There is more to us then just coming together during bargaining. Now more then ever, as we continue to face unprecedented times, it is important for us to build our membership and strengthen our power. Departments that have active CATs have shown higher membership and engagement rates. CATs have a direct line to the Steward and Executive team members that can help navigate any workplace issue or questions.

What is the role of the CAT? First and foremost, the CAT is the backbone of our entire Union. They are the foundation of our Union.

  • CAT’s help to distribute information to fellow classified employees.
  • They communicate ideas, questions and concerns from their colleagues to members of the Executive committee.
  • They are responsible for updating bulletin boards in their area with the latest information available.
  • CATs are new employee’s first point of contact with the Union.
  • They are responsible for communicating the many benefits available to our members, and
  • Provide the information on how to sign up and join us!

CATs are asked to attend one monthly meeting the 1st Wednesday of the month, (in addition to the General Membership meeting on the second Wednesday of the month!) These meetings are to keep you up-to-date with what is happening in every UO department so you can share that information to those in your work unit for department. We encourage you to get more involved in your union and help continue to build our power. If interested in joining our team or have more questions, please reach out to Lisa Roberts at lroberts.contact@gmail.com

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