General Council

The highest governing body of SEIU Local 503 is our General Council. Any member can run for election to be one of the more than 380 delegates to this body.

The General Council usually holds a convention biennially in even-numbered years. At our biennial convention we adopt our budget and, through the submission of resolutions, discuss and adopt policies and goals that affect our union. In between conventions, the group may also vote by mail on important issues as recommended by the Board of Directors.

The 2018 General Council will be held in August 9-11, 2018 in Eugene, Oregon.

Chief General Council Delegate – Theodora Ko Thompson

Delegates – Beth Singler, Cimmeron Gillespie, Gary Malone, Jason Stone, Jimmy Murray, Johnny Earl, Lisa Roberts, Louie Vidmar, Lynne Harrell, Michael Omogrosso, Sara Clark, and Jerimiah Igou.

Most committee appointments are made by 503 President, Steve Demerest. Documents/resolutions should be forthcoming.

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